Hayden Joyner 
    Hello, my name is Hayden Joyner. I'n a current 19 year old designer, photographer, and filmmaker. I have been doing film and graphic design for over 4 years now, and have been doing freelance design work since early 2015. I am self-taught in Adobe's Creative Cloud, and I have taken 4 years of design classes at my high school. I've spent the last couple of years building my skills and learning the ins and outs of fields such as photography, videography, and audio production. I've also created multiple brands for myself, including my podcast "Virtual Citizen" as well as my music showcasing YouTube channel, "Audyl".

   As a designer, I have mainly done work such as logo design, flyer/poster design, and social media design. I have done work for companies such as Palmetto Auto Meet, Chase Neptune, B.A.R.K, Northwestern High School and more. As well as what's in my portfolio, I have experience in the fields of iconography, web design, game design, packaging design, and more, which will hopefully be featured in my portfolio soon. I have also done work in video editing, which can be found on YouTube channel, as well as my IGTV channel.

    I am excited about my future in the graphic design industry, and hope to work on my skills in the upcoming months and years, and to further build my portfolio and showcase my designs. If you would like to contact me to talk about work or prices or whatever, you can visit my "Contact Me" page. For more examples of my work or for alternative contact methods, you can visit my social media, which can be accessed from my home page.

Thanks, Hayden Joyner
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